Megan R.

Zuzana was a great coach, she listened really well and asked appropriate challenging questions. She helped me to push towards my goals by listening, asking questions and challenging my sometimes limiting beliefs.

All of the coaching sessions were over the phone and I ended every session feeling inspired to move towards my goals.

Thank you Zuzana.

Sasha M.

I remember how I felt after the first session; it was one of the most self awakening moments for me.

Zuzana coached me through very important decisions I have made in the last few months, her support and encouragement with thought-provoking questions gave me the confidence to affirm my decisions in order to move forward and achieve my desired targets.

I pursued most of my goals, adjusted some views and most importantly made a lot of progress by thinking differently and I always ended up surprising myself as situations evolved /progressed even better than I had worked towards/imagined.

Keep the good work Zuzana!

Ed P.

Working with Zuzana was my first experience of being coached and I found her coaching both valuable and duly challenging. As a direct result I have been able to take specific steps towards my goals.

Zuzana's coaching style is friendly and welcoming, whilst also thorough in preparation and explanation.

Aysha G.

The coaching sessions with Zuzana have been really impactful. They have helped me work on and improve a number of areas linked to confidence. I ended up finding skills to use for my actions that, I would never have thought of doing for the goals I had.

I feel more balanced and assured with my path going forward now and definitely more competent and confident in the areas I felt I was lacking in. I can continue to progress in this area with the actions I've been able to create from having worked with Zuzana. 

She was very open minded and dealt with some of my complex/sensitive moments extremely well too. She was professional and empathetic which definitely helped with making me feel comfortable talking with her and building better rapport. I would definitely recommend her services to others. 

Nervana I.

 Working with Zuzana has been refreshing and thought provoking. Our coaching sessions mainly focused on time management, my physical as well social well being. Her attentive and focused questioning allowed me to come to powerful realisations for myself.

 I found it extremely helpful to have someone that I could be accountable to and it felt great when I did follow through on my actions to be able to celebrate that with Zuzana- for which I am truly grateful. I also found it helpful when she would challenge me on what could prevent me from completing actions and pre-emptively consider what I could do to avoid that from happening.

I have always felt comfortable to be able to discuss and work on issues in an open and frank manner, which has been possible because of her relaxed and respectful manner.

It has been lovely working with you and I look forward to continuing in the future!  

Angela M.

The coaching sessions with Zuzana gave me direction and focus in an area of my life that I needed to work but didn't know how to go about it or where to start. With each session I saw things more clearly and found more areas I could develop and realised what I need to do to reach my goals.

After completing our sessions I feel in a much better place and I feel motivated to keep moving on this journey.