Coaching, self-development programs and counselling 

Individual Coaching

You wish to achieve your dream, start a business. to travel, to move on... think of anything that you feel you need to do, but you've been in the same place for a long time and haven't moved any closer to your goal. But you know you're worth it...

And it can be something simple (for some people) as saying NO. Or you wish to be able to speak in public or at the work meetings. Or you want to learn how to be kind to yourself, how to love yourself, stop blaming yourself...

But you're putting it off, waiting for that perfect time to start when...when you have more money on saving account, when your kids will be grown up, when you will move to a different town...but there will be no better time that is NOW. NOW when you decide to go for it.

Coaching is a way how to achieve your great potential and live the life you to want to have NOW.

Coaching is the key to unlock client's potential. It brings change, movement, self-knowledge, power, start and sometimes even finish. I write sometimes because once you've started your own development, each goal you reach is another step to a greater goal. It's a life long journey.

Coaching is future focused and solution orientated relationship between client and coach and it's based on equality. Client is in charge of the session and a coach is facilitator.

Coach does not provide any advice, answers or opinions. Coach believes that client has all the knowledge and answers within themselves. And with the questioning skills of the coach is client able to find out for himself of what is he capable of by bringing them at the edge of their comfort zone. It's client's decision whether they move from their cosy spot to see what's behind and what future holds for them.

Self-development program

Self-development program is great place to start your coaching when you do not have a tangible goal on your mind that you want to work on. Each program is made of 6 sessions of 50 min. 

Healthy self-confidence

Program for developing your confidence

How to love yourself

Program for developing self-love and self-acceptance

Here and Now

Program for developing mindfulness

Counselling and support after birth

After giving a birth I was in a great need of support not only from my husband and family, but also from someone with the same experience. I was constantly bothering my friends with kids to hear that what I was going through was ok, that I wasn't weird.

And then, after a year, I met a friend and she started to confide in me with what she was going through after her second daughter was born, how she was feeling uncertain and doubtful. In the end she said something that rang a bell: ' I'm wondering if I should go to see a psychologist.' And it hit me.

We, women, need support and acceptance after giving a birth much more than any time before. We want to hear that we are 'normal' when our experience is different that of mum, sister, friend.. We need safe environment where we can talk about it because, and let's be honest here, we're not always understood at home.

So here I am offering you a place where you can share your thoughts without being judged. A woman, a mother, a psychologist, a coach, who was months (not only 6 weeks of postpartum period) not being herself.

Contact me

Please, contact me for further information when you're not sure if coaching or counselling is the right choice for you.