8 reasons why to become more self-confident


8 reasons why to become more self-confident

  1. Self-confident people are well aware of their own skills and qualities.
  2. Self-confident people trust in themselves that they can achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.
  3. When they experience failure, they are able to overcome it faster than unconfident people. Failure itself is not a reason why not to try something new or challenging again. They learn from it and move on.
  4. Self-confident people attract people just by being confident. This quality is something we all admire. I believe you've met someone who had this "aura" around  themselves, something that welcomed you to come closer, something in their speech, posture, look. You wanted to be around that person, you felt comfortable and seen and heard. And you wanted to become friends with them. Well, good news....YOU can become that person :) You can learn how to be more confident. 
  5. Self-confident people do not depend on an opinion or approval of others.
  6. Self-confidence usually comes with humility. Self-confident people are not looking down on the others. Quite the opposite, they are aware of each person's value and qualities.
  7. Self-confident people can accept a constructive criticism without taking it personal or feeling hurt. As mentioned in the first point, they are well aware of their qualities, plus they are well aware of their weak spots and what they need to work on. 
  8. Self-confident people can cope with being turned down. Their value and self-esteem do not depend on how many people think high of them or are their friends.

Have you found at least one reason why to build your confidence?

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