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Take a first step on your journey towards self-knowledge


What does it mean? Self-knowledge? Why do I need to know myself better? Love myself? To think about me in a positive way? Having a confidence in my skills? Is that all important? 

To live a fulfilled life, we all need those things. We need to be able to look into the mirror and see a person who we like, who we can look at, who we know, inside out, who we can trust and rely on. It is me that I have to live my life with, with this one person, in this body, in this mind... 

And I want to be happy and comfortable with myself and I want to have purpose in my life, to live how I want it to. In order to have all those things, we will come to a point where we start to wonder, what is stopping me, what is it that is blocking my progress, why am I afraid to make this step... and it might be very challenging...in those times I can find an answer somewhere deep inside...but to get to those answers I might need a help. First - to ask those questions, second - to have a courage and confidence to answer them, so I can move forward. 

And this is what I'm offering you, my help with asking necessary questions so you can reach your goals and be a person you've always wanted to be and do what you've always wanted to do. 

So let's start right now.

Below are some maybe a bit challenging questions for you to answer. 


Here we go...

Give yourself at least five minutes to contemplate about them.

When do you feel fulfilled? When does your life have a meaning?

Where do you see yourself in one, two, ten years?

What are you doing about it now?

How important is it for you?

How do you find your progress?

What's missing for you to be able to achieve it?

What is it that you want to work on with me?

Did you answer at least one question? Great!

Did you answer all of them? Congratulations! 

It means that you started to think about what's important for you in your life. 

My mission here is to support you on your way which gives you focus and therefore you're able to achieve your goals in a shorter time that you would on your own.

Zuzana Chromá Coaching and Counselling

online anywhere, based in Košice

email: coaching@zuzanachromacoaching.sk